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Betty (Elizabeth) Eklund, Partner

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Betty Eklund, EA

Betty Eklund, (Elizabeth) grew up in Duluth’s Central Hillside. As a lifelong resident, she loves Duluth and feels passionate about this City. Her belief that a community needs healthy and vibrant business is what pushes her forward to help her clients. In supporting her clients, she is strengthening the very community she loves. Betty isn’t an accountant who simply reports your past results and fills in the blanks on your tax return. She considers herself a stakeholder in her clients’ success.

She specializes in developing and implementing best in practice accounting processes tailored to her client’s needs so they spend less time on the paperwork and more time doing what they love. Entrepreneurs have so many ideas and so much energy. Betty understands the entrepreneurial spirit. She has years of experience with previous and current ownership in multiple businesses. She is able to give her clients a different perspective, combining both her entrepreneur and accountant traits and experiences to help them to be strategic with their dreams.

Betty has a note on her computer monitor. It reads “A goal without a plan is just a wish”. She lives this message every day; whether her goal is to find a way to better serve a client, to serve her community, or to have a strong relationship with her family. In addition to her professional life, she serves her community through a very active role in the Skyline Rotary and numerous non-profit boards. She is great at providing leadership and management around events that allow the time and resources she contributes to multiply their impact on the community. She structures her free time around goals of having strong relationships with her family and friends. Betty enjoys traveling; including travels to visit her adult children and 4 grandchildren. Included in her busy schedule is a regular date night with her husband, David.

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